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The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong was established in January 1980. The Commission considers for reform those aspects of the laws of Hong Kong which are referred to it by the Secretary for Justice or the Chief Justice. Members of the Commission are appointed by the Chief Executive, on the advice of the Secretary for Justice, and include academic and practising lawyers, and prominent members of the community.

The Commission has published reports covering subjects as diverse as commercial arbitration, interception of communications, privity of contract, divorce and fraud. The Commission is currently considering references on archives law, access to information and cybercrime.

Please note that the Law Reform Commission does not provide legal advice on specific issues or in respect of individual cases, nor do we help with student assignments. If you need advice on specific issues, or the application of the law in an individual case, you should consult a lawyer with expertise in the relevant area. You may also find useful information through the LawLinks section of this website.

If you would like any further information about the work of the Commission, please write, fax or e-mail the Secretary of the Law Reform Commission at:

9/F, Champion Tower
Three Garden Road
Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: 3703 6518
Fax: 3702 0136