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The Secretary for Justice (who chairs the Commission), the Chief Justice and the Law Draftsman are ex officio members of the Commission. In addition, the Chief Executive appoints a number of other members, one of whom is usually a Judge of the High Court or the Court of Final Appeal. The remaining members include not only academics and practising lawyers, but also prominent non-lawyer members of the community. Apart from the ex officio members, 93 individuals have served as members of the Commission since its establishment in 1980.

The Hong Kong Law Reform Commission is unusual among law reform agencies in including non-lawyers in its membership. While much law reform work involves technical legal questions, there are few areas in which extra-legal considerations do not also apply. By containing within its ranks leaders from a variety of fields, the Commission hopes to approach law reform with both the requisite legal expertise and with the experience of the wider community. This principle is carried through to the method of working on individual projects.

The current members of the Law Reform Commission are:

  • Ex officio members
  • The Hon Paul T K Lam, SBS, SC, JP, Secretary for Justice (Chairman)
  • The Hon Chief Justice Andrew Cheung, GBM, Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal
  • Mr Michael Lam, Law Draftsman
  • Non-ex officio members
  • The Hon Mr Justice Johnson Lam, Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal
  • Ms Winnie Tam, SBS, SC, JP, Barrister
  • Ms May Chan, GBS, JP, Chairman of Journalism Education Foundation
  • Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff, Dean of Faculty of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Mr Stephen Hung, MH, Partner, Li & Partners
  • Mrs Janice Choi, BBS, MH, JP, Advisor and Legal Director, Sunwah Group
  • Mr C M Chan, Consultant, Anthony Siu & Co. Solicitors & Notaries
  • The Hon Mrs Margaret Leung, SBS, JP, Former Global Co-Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Group, and former Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive of Hang Seng Bank Ltd
  • Professor Alexander F H Loke, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong
  • Professor Michael Jackson, Head of Department of Law, The University of Hong Kong

Mr Wesley Wong, SC, JP (Law Officer) is the Secretary of the Commission. Mr Byron Leung (Deputy Principal Government Counsel) and Mr Simon Lau (Deputy Principal Government Counsel) are the Deputy Secretary 1 and Deputy Secretary 2 of the Commission respectively.

For a list of former members of the Commission, see here.