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Generally speaking, records are a vital resource of an organisation. Government records may contain important information about Hong Kong and its governance, and with the passage of time, would become an integral part of our cultural heritage. For such records to maintain their value, they must be managed to ensure their authenticity, accuracy, security, timely access and usability.

The Government has been using, in lieu of legislation, administrative directives, guidelines and publications to regulate the management of Government records. The Commission's mandate is to review the present situation, as well as to conduct comparative studies of the relevant laws in other jurisdictions, with a view to making appropriate recommendations on possible options for reform if need be. A sub-committee began work on this subject in June 2013.

The Sub-committee published a Consultation Paper in December 2018 to consult the public as to whether reform of the current public records management regime is needed; and if so, what kind of reform is to be preferred.

The Sub-committee's secretary is Mr Byron Leung, Deputy Principal Government Counsel.

If you wish further information on this project, please write to the Secretary of the Law Reform Commission by fax, post or email.

The Commission's offices are at:

9/F, Champion Tower
Three Garden Road
Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: 3703 6518
Fax: 3702 0136