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With the rapid developments associated with information technology, the computer and the Internet, as well as the potential for them to be exploited for carrying out criminal activities, a sub-committee commenced its study on the topic of cybercrime in January 2019. In the course of its study, the Sub-committee will identify the challenges arising from such rapid developments, review existing legislation and other relevant measures, examine relevant developments in other jurisdictions and recommend possible law reforms (if any).

The members of the Sub-committee on Cybercrime (in alphabetical order) are:

Mr Allan Leung, Senior Consultant, Dentons Hong Kong LLP (Chairman)
Mr Derek Chan, SC, Barrister
Ms Chan Shuk Yi, Christal, Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions (Departmental Prosecutions), Department of Justice
Dr K P Chow, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Hong Kong
Ms Chui Shih Yen, Joceline, Principal Assistant Secretary for Security (E), Security Bureau
Dr Michael Kwan, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific Internet Centre
Dr Law Yuet Wing, Frank, Chief Superintendent, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, Hong Kong Police Force
Mr Tong Chi-chung, Eddy, Deputy Chief Executive, Consumer Council

Miss Wong Pui-kei, Maggie, SC, Barrister

Ms Wong Wai-chuen, Phoebe, Group Head (Intellectual Property Investigation (Operations)), Customs and Excise Department
Mr Yip Yuk Fai, Lento, Chairman, Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association

The Sub-committee’s secretary is Mr Edmund Ma, Senior Government Counsel.