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Regulation of Media Intrusion
(HKLRC Consultation Paper)

The Privacy sub-committee published this consultation paper in 1999 together with its consultation paper on Civil liability for Invasion of Privacy. The paper addressed public concerns which had been raised at invasions of personal privacy by the media. The paper noted the protection given to freedom of speech, of the press and of publication by the Basic Law and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, but concluded that prohibiting the use of intrusive means to collect personal data would not violate freedom of the press.

The sub-committee recommended that the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data should issue a Code of Practice on the collection and use of personal data for journalistic purposes. This would provide practical guidance to publishers, broadcasters, journalists and the general public. The sub-committee's further proposed the creation of an independent body to be known as "The Press Council for the Protection of Privacy". The Council would deal with complaints of breaches of the Code by the print media, and would have the power to impose a fine where appropriate and to award compensation to complainants.

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Consultation Paper (PDF) (MS Word)

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