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Although the Commission's members are appointed by the Chief Executive of the SAR, the Commission is independent of the Administration. The views expressed in Commission reports are those of Commission members, not the Administration, and the publication of a Commission report does not mean that the recommendations it contains will automatically be adopted in legislation. In every case, recommendations made by the Commission will be passed to the relevant policy bureau of the Administration for consideration. Sometimes, the Government disagrees with the Commission and does not accept its recommendations. Two examples are the Commission's reports on Interest on Debt and Damages (1990) and Regulation of Debt Collection Practices (2002).

You can find a full list of all the reports the Commission has published, together with details of any legislation which implements the Commission's recommendations, or other action taken, elsewhere in this section. Many of these reports and papers can be downloaded. If you would like a printed copy or are seeking one of the Commission's older publications, you can write, fax or email to the Secretary of the Law Reform Commission at:

4/F, East Wing, Justice Place,
18 Lower Albert Road,
Central, Hong Kong.

Telephone: (852) 3918 4097
Fax: (852) 3918 4096