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The present law is unclear as to who has the authority to make decisions as to the health care or medical treatment of persons in a vegetative or comatose state. There is also doubt as to who may manage their affairs for them. The Commission decided in March 2002 that a sub-committee should be established to examine this subject, together with the related issue of advance directives. Advance directives allow persons when mentally competent to make decisions as to the form of health care or medical treatment which they would like to receive at a future time when they are no longer competent. A sub-committee was formed to study this subject under the chairmanship of the Hon Mrs Sophie Leung with Dr Lawrence Lai as the Deputy Chairman. A consultation paper containing the sub-committee's proposals was published on 13 July 2004. The sub-committee's secretary is Ms Judy Cheung, Senior Government Counsel.

If you wish further information on this project, please write to the Secretary of the Law Reform Commission by fax, post or email.

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