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While the members of the Law Reform Commission itself are from a variety of backgrounds and voluntarily provide their expertise part-time, the Secretary, the Deputy Secretaries and the several other lawyers who service the Commission and its sub-committees are all full-time counsel in the Department of Justice. These counsel carry out all necessary research and act as secretaries to the Commission and its sub-committees. Once the Commission has published a final report, counsel may be directly involved in assisting the relevant policy bureau of Government to implement the Commission's proposals through amending legislation.

In much of its work, the Commission is helped by experience in other jurisdictions. The Commission Secretariat's library holds around 4,000 reports published by overseas law reform agencies. The Secretariat support staff ensure that this material is all indexed on a comprehensive computer database which greatly helps research. Counsel in the Secretariat also receive considerable assistance through frequent correspondence and contact with their counterparts in other jurisdictions.

The members of the Secretariat are

Secretary Mr Wesley Wong, SC, JP, Law Officer
Deputy Secretary 1
Deputy Secretary 2

Mr Byron Leung, Deputy Principal Government Counsel
Mr Simon Lau, Deputy Principal Government Counsel

Senior Government Counsel

Ms Cindy Cheuk
Ms Louisa Ng
Ms Cathy Wan

Government Counsel

Mr Terence Lee
Mr Dennis Ng
Mr George Tong