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There is a vast amount of legal information on the Internet. Much of it is excellent, and free,  but finding it is not always an easy task. We in the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong have therefore created this LawLinks index to assist users to go quickly and easily to research materials on the Internet, without getting too lost along the way.

Our first step in creating this index was to research and identify several helpful legal links sites, or meta-sites, on the World Wide Web. We then consolidated the links on these sites with the results of our many searches on individual law and law-related topics. Lastly, we arranged this large number of Internet short-cuts under a structure of logical headings. These are the headings which you see listed on the first screen of LawLinks. By making use of this list, legal researchers should be able to go quickly to the specific information they are seeking.

Please note that because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, our LawLinks index is not intended to be a static document but will be revised and updated regularly as further useful links are identified. We therefore welcome your feedback and suggestions on the future development of this index. In particular, if you are aware of any important legal links which do not yet appear, please contact us:


how does LawLinks work and what does it cover?

LawLinks consolidates links from a variety of Internet sources to create an organised list of short-cuts to relevant legal materials. To access these short-cuts, you simply click on the heading on the main-menu screen which is most relevant to your search. This will take you to a list of pre-searched web-site links on that subject.

You will see from the main-menu screen that the index is divided into a number of areas. We expect that the most useful of these will be the links appearing under:

  • Legal resources - which organises the short-cuts to a wide range of legal resources under sub-headings such as "legislation,"  "cases,"  "legal publications," "law societies & bar associations," etc.
  • Legal subjects - obviously this organises Internet links under a list of legal subjects. The more 'popular' legal subjects for legal research are noted on the main-menu screen itself; links to more specialised legal subjects can be found by clicking on the More legal subjects heading
  • Search by jurisdiction - this provides a ready access point to search for legal materials across the Internet by using jurisdiction as the criterion.

For completeness, and to assist with more obscure searches, we have also included links under the following additional main headings:

  • More legal subjects - as already noted, this contains links to further legal subjects
  • More law-related sites - this includes some miscellaneous legal web links not appearing elsewhere
  • More legal links sites - this takes you directly to a list of 'meta-sites' which you can use to do more personalised legal searches
  • WWW search services - this is a quick point of access into popular Internet search-engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, etc, which you can use to do Internet searches on any subject.

We hope that you find this index both helpful and easy to use.

Happy surfing!

Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
April 2021

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