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Once the sub-committee has reached its final conclusions, it submits its report to the full Commission for consideration. The Commission considers the sub-committee report in detail, assisted by the chairman and members of the sub-committee, before issuing a final Commission report. Wherever possible, reports are published simultaneously in English and Chinese. Where the subject is likely to be of general public interest, one or more members of the Commission will present the report at a press conference to bring the report to the public's attention.

The publication of the final Commission report marks the completion of the reference. The report will then be passed to the Administration for consideration. Often, however, lawyers in the Secretariat will take an active part in the implementation of the Commission's recommendations by legislation. This may take the form of providing research material and information to the Government bureau with policy responsibility for the subject, as well as assisting in the preparation of drafting instructions for legislation to implement the Commission's recommendations and assisting during the legislative drafting process itself.

To-date, 45 of the 71 reports of the Commission have been implemented either in whole or in part by legislation. In the case of one report, the Commission recommended no change to the existing law. You can find a full list of all the reports the Commission has published, together with details of any legislation which implements the Commission's recommendations, in the Publications section. Many of these reports and papers can be downloaded. If you would like a printed copy, or are seeking one of the Commission's older publications, you can write, fax or email to the Secretary of the Law Reform Commission at:

4/F, East Wing, Justice Place,
18 Lower Albert Road,
Central, Hong Kong.

Telephone: (852) 3918 4097
Fax: (852) 3918 4096